Levend Lichtje



Each Wisp Light is connected to an USB cable. These can be combined with a regular universal USB charger. Please choose a charger that is 5v (volt) / 1A (ampere) / 1000 mA.

Night light

Wisp Lights are perfect night lights for kids! I use the lights as night light for my children, even though I advise to keep the Wisp Lights out of reach of children. My solution: I place it high enough to be seen but not reached. I combine the Wisp Light with a timer, so it switches on and off automatically.


Each Wisp Light is created from a combination of natural and non-natural materials. The natural materials used in the lights are wool fibers, dried mosses, dried leaves and wood. Non-natural materials used are glass, silicone, resin, pigments, LEDs, glass fiber and electrical components.


Every piece of wood in the lights is sourced from forests nearby or from gardens. The wood is treated for pests by baking it in an oven for 2-3 hours minimum on at least 220ºC (428ºF).

The wood for the glass dome bases is commercial wood. If there was no wood base to accompany the glass dome, or if there is any doubt about the quality of the wood I will replace it with a hand made base.


Wisp Lights are fragile. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep out of direct sunlight. Sunlight fades the natural materials and could result in moisture under the glass. If there is any moisture, open the glass dome and clean.

The glass dome is detachable so the glass can be cleaned. A dishwasher works fine, but cleaning by hand gives better results.

Nothing lasts forever. These lights will stop working one day. The estimated life of these lights is about 6 years, but my own have been working nonstop for longer.